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Thundering Hooves Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization Incorporated in Texas.  

IN # 81-1124346

Thundering Hooves Mission ~ to bring awareness to the many hardships our beloved horses, wild and domestic,  face today and help bring about the change so despertly needed for these Majestic Creatures!





Thundering Hooves ~ A Native Peoples Event 

Alpine, Texas 2012 


The inaugural event was organized to help bring awareness to the plight of the Wild Burros of the Big Bend and the slaughter bound equine.  

Micki Free & American Horse was the headliner of this historic native people gathering. 

Along with many talented Native artists, equine rescues were also present speaking of their organizations. 

This event accomplished my goal of entertaining the audience and creating an atmosphere where they were receptive to learning of the hardships the equine face today.





....very much looking forward to being apart of the Event you have organized, it is a most worthy cause, thanks for being apart of Humanity, that still know how to CARE and SHARE. Life and living is a WE thing, Not a ME thing.

We can all as HUMAN BEINGS, believe in and care about each other, in the SPIRIT OF LOVE!" ~ Jar







Thundering Hooves Main Event   

~ Micki Free ~

Grammy Award Winner and Five time Native American Music Award Winner!

"If ever was a time to choose, everybody come together and unite, we can have a better world, let's get it done and make it right"!...MF                                        

"I was moved and honored to be part of such an amazing, real and up-lifting event designed with love and caring for the plight of horses and burros. I will support Thundering Hooves as an artist along with my never ending passion for the horse"! Keep up the good work Neta & Darrel!....Micki Free




Award Winning Mens Fancy Dancer Larry Yazzie

"I will have the honor to jam on stage with Micki Free at this event in Western Texas!! Oct 5-6-7, 2012"                                              



Sammy Sanchez ~ Louis Ruiz ~ Micki Free 




~ Hawk ~




Once the concept of “Thundering Hooves” came to life I began to put together my thoughts as to what would best represent the rumble of the earth, the thunder of the hooves.

The beat of the drum is the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

 Mark graciously offered to travel a great distance to hold a drum workshop in Alpine, TX. 


During the 2 day workshop we hand crafted our hand drums while learning Cherokee teachings.  

 Thank you Mark for sharing your skills and teaching us the Cherokee ways.   ~ Neta



As an introducton to his drum making workshops Mark held a flute concert Friday evening.  Mark hand crafts his flutes and performs his own music.  

Mark's beautiful music set the tone for a great weekend in honor of the horses and wild burros.  



~ Toby Williams ~ 

Long time friend Toby Williams traveled from the windy city of Chicago to join us for this weekend of music, song and dance.  

Toby, with his many talents, helped to keep the long weekend of events flowing.  

I thank you Toby for helping to make this event a success and keeping us in line! ......See you next time! ~ Neta 


~ Shawn Michael Perry ~

Shawn drove from Sedona, Arizona to join us for this historical event.  

As guest MC Shawn kept things moving through out the weekend and the audience captivated with his wit and impromptu performances.  

I greatly appreciate all your time and effort put into helping me pull off this weekend of events. ~ Neta  





~ Shea Redhorse ~ 

Shea Redhorse & Sammy Sanchez

Shea Redhorse, a beautiful Cherokee artist, performed through out the weekend event.  

Saturday afternoon Shea engaged the audience with her Ladies Jingle Dress Dance.

Guest Speakers

~ Published Author Poet & Musician Lynny Prince ~ 

"The horses of the Plains had a profound effect on the lives of indigenous people and are treated with great spiritual respect among American Indians. I fully support and endorse the work of Thundering Hooves. If we don't protect and preserve these sacred animals, they could be lost to us forever." Lynny Prince


         Animals’ Angels Inc., a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization with full-time investigators who work primarily in the field, trailing livestock trucks on highways, visiting markets, collecting stations and slaughterhouses.  Animals’ Angels focus is on improving conditions for farm animals.  During the event Animals' Angels investigators, Amber Taylor and Brandi Turner gave an factual, informative presentation on the reality of horse slaughter.                                                                  






Matthew Black Eagle Man ~

   Matthew a Dakota Spiritual leader, motivational speaker and Peace Warrior spoke of the sacredness of the horse.  Matthews' moving tribute to the horses was inspiring, his words captivated the audience.  The following December Matthew was a part of the Dakota 38 + 2 Ride for Reconciliation, a yearly 330 mile horse back ride from Lower Brule, South Dakota to Mankato, Minnesota.  Matthew is proud of his heritage, I am grateful to Matthew for being a part of this event and honored by his spiritual teachings through out the weekend, we were all blessed by his presence.  


~ Marjorie Farabee ~ 

With Todd Mission Ranch, Plantersville, Texas. 


Marjorie Farabee

Marjorie gave an informative presentation on the demise of the Wild Burros of The Big Bend 



Along with Marjorie, all the way from Todd Mission Ranch, came Halo & General Beauguard.  All dressed-up they spent the day Saturday outside the door of the Granada greeting folks.  Thank you Johnny Straitz, owner of TMR, for making all this possible.  

                                                                                                                                  Photos of Burros featured above left and right copyright of Neta Rhyne 2012! 

This event accomplished my goal of entertaining the audience and creating an atmosphere where they were receptive to learning of the hardships the equine face today.

The amazing outpouring of support for an event of this nature inspired me to continue on my journey of  Thundering Hooves. 

~  Neta Rhyne