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Thundering Hooves Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization Incorporated in Texas.  

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Thundering Hooves Mission ~ to bring awareness to the many hardships our beloved horses, wild and domestic,  face today and help bring about the change so despertly needed for these Majestic Creatures!





Thundering Hooves ~ Celebration Of The Horse

Honor Ride & Gathering

Santa Fe Plaza


Santa Fe, New Mexico 


Karen Hardy & Blue  




The Thundering Hooves ~ Celebration of the Horse event in Santa Fe, New Mexico was indeed a day of celebrating the horse.

The horseback ride to the Plaza was the highlight of the event, horses young and old were ridden including Jasper, an 22 year old American Mustang

. The audience participation and interaction with the horses brought home the Thundering Hooves message,

horses are of value at any age.

The picture and caption in the Santa Fe New Mexican paper on Sunday, October 20th was the defining moment for the event.

The horse in the photograph is 34 year old Buddy, a gentle, old soul who even at his age is worth more than (as the caption states) “cents per pound”!

When I look at that picture in the paper of the young boy softly caressing Buddy I see an old soul, embracing the touch of a young heart, with an understanding that goes beyond human comprehension.

Is this old horse worth more than “cents per pound”? Most defiantly! ~ Neta Rhyne


Karen Hardy on the Value of old Horses




Read the Santa Fe New Mexican article.

Albuquerque Journal Article on the Thundering Hooves event.

Channel 2 Kasa Albuquerque, Interview with Deborah Lamal.


"Perfect Partnership ~

Animals' Angels and Thundering Hooves Celebrate the Horse in Santa Fe."

                                                                                                                           Animals' Angels November 2013 Newsletter

The poster below was on display on the Plaza during the Celebration of the Horse event. 

The poster drew a lot of attention and initiated conversation on the subject of horse slaughter. 



Celebration of the Horse supporting Artist ~


Sita Loop

My husband and I met Sita last August in Santa Fe, New Mexico during Indian Market. Sitas' beautiful paintings of ponies caught my eye many years ago.  Finally meeting Sita was exciting, her enthusiasm is contagious and through her art, she expresses her love of horses.

Sitas beautiful print featured below titled  "Healers ~ Wild Ponies" will be available to purchase at the Thundering Hooves booth during the event.  

This Print is one of several of her works of Art Sita has generously donated in support of the Celebration of the Horse event.  All proceeds from the sale of her Art benefits the Horses. 


I greatly appreciate Sitas' generosity and her support of this event. 


"Healers ~ Wild Ponies" 

 "My passion for the West, the peoples, and my Spiritual connection to the land is strong. I believe: "Art is an expression of my Spirit. Sometimes my art touches the Spirit of others in the same way." "In Spirit we All move as One." "Happy Colors!"

"Healers ~ Wild Ponies" portrays Sitas wish for the Wild Horses ~ that they remain wild & Free!  This beautiful rendition of her passion for horses is sized for a standard 16x20 frame and is Double Matted in White, includes backing board, artist Bio and a hand painted Original Bookmark.  


Please check-out Sitas' web site Sita and support her Art ~ "My Petroglyph Ponies are my 'Signature Paintings' and close to my heart. They represent the wild mustangs running free forever." 





The image of the painted horse is from photographer, Brady Willettes' project titled The War Pony Project.  Brady speaks of his vision for this project..."My vision for the War Pony Project began with my desire to create contemporary art that honors the history of the American Indian tribes that are horse peopleand the horses that helped them survive and fight for their freedom.  I grew up fascinated by the skills of the Indian warriors and as I learned through reading, the incredibleloyalty, strength and intelligence that their horse partners exhibited."   

A heartfelt thank you to Brady Willette for allowing me to grace Thundering Hooves with use of  Crow War Pony. I am humbled by this gift and will do my very best to honorably represent his work. Crow War Pony embodies all that Thundering Hooves is about...horses running wild and free! 

"I am working with American Indians of different tribes to create art honoring their history and their connection to the Horse Nation with my art of the War Pony."

                                                                      ~ Brady Willette