Many have complained of the pictures of horses that have been slaughtered.

The complaint is we should focus on the positive and show horses that have been rescued.

 Horses in the photos taken at the Kill Pens, could not have been rescued ...their fate was sealed!

We must honor their memory ....

                                                                               ...their faces are the FACE OF SLAUGHTER!      



"Majestic" ~ he kept looking ~ Sold to slaughter for $175!

Every 4 minutes a horse from this country is slaughtered for human consumption.

92.3% are in good to excellent condition with no behavioral problems according to a USDA study.

Only 4% of all horses slaughtered are over 9 years old.

In a poll by the prestigious Lake Research Partners, 80% of Americans say NO to horse slaughter!


Baby Jazz & Princess

Princess and her newborn filly, Jazz, were rescued out of a kill pen by Candi Cane Cooper. 

This rescue prompted Candi to begin a rescue organazation ....the Sweetwater Ranch Inc.

I  encourage you to support rescues and help with the needs of the rescued.

And please use your voice in defense of those who cannot speak nor defend themselves!

TOGETHER we can and will make a difference.

~ Neta



It is not uncommon to find pregnate mares in the slaughter export pens in Presidio. 

As heartbreaking as this is it makes one wonder what happens to the babies of these mares?

A skull of a baby horse was found near the export pens! 


BURROS are slaughtered for human consumption as seen from this photo taken at the slaughter export holding pens in Presidio, Texas

Animals Angels investigations go into the heart of horse slaughter providing undeniable proof of what is happening behind the mask of slaughter. 

Your support of Animals' Angels will help them to continue to be our eyes and ears in places few dare to tread!

Animals' Angels

  Animals' Angels March 17, 2014 news release:  

     "Transatlantic Campaign Leads to Discount Chain Pulling Horse meat Products from its Shelves"

Click here for full report


Presidio Investigation:  Animals' Angels report on their investigation of the Presidio exports pens and the border crossing.  This is in my back yard and why I continue to fight for the rights of the horses!! 

Animals' Angels investigation ~ Presidio Export Pens 10/30/13 


Justice Prevails in Presidio, Texas!  A Victory For Advocates Everywhere!

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