Every day horses, burros and mules are hauled down this lonely highway to slaughter!  As a memorial tribute halters,  childrens art, license plates, banners, old tack, and saddles, are hung on this old fence every day, along this trail of their last ride.

Today this moving tribute stands strong for the love of horses through the harsh west Texas winds with halters hanging and red ties blowing, evoking a powerful presence drawing passengers in, educating and bringing awareness to the many issues horses face today.


   Tie One On ... for the Horses!

For every donation a red memorial tie will be added to the fence. Your participation will help us to reach our goal of creating a mile long memorial fence and help to keep THUNDERING HOOVES promoting EDUCATION, AWARENESS & ADVOCATING ...for the HORSES. 


Signs halters for the Memorial Fence. Thank you Willie for being a Voice ...for the Horses



Your support of this wothy cause is greatly appreciated! 

DONATIONS are tax deductable.

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