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Thundering Hooves Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization Incorporated in Texas.  

IN # 81-1124346

Thundering Hooves Mission ~ to bring awareness to the many hardships our beloved horses, wild and domestic,  face today and help bring about the change so despertly needed for these Majestic Creatures!



   About Thundering Hooves ~

Recently I was asked what is Thundering Hooves?   Are you celebrating the horse or educating and raising awareness to the plight of the Wild Horses and the slaughter bound horse? 

The answer is …all of the above. 

I feel you cannot celebrate the horses without also recognizing the hardships they face today. 

By providing a celebratory and educational atmosphere allowing people to participate at their discretion

Thundering Hooves has proving to be the perfect event for reaching new audiences and compelling them to become active in

making a better world for our beloved equine family. 



The third annual event on the Historic Snta Fe Plaza,  was a huge success.  

Proving yet again to be the perfect platform to honor the horse and bring awareness to the many hardships the horses face today. 



Crowd on the Plaza 



                                         Michael Roberts, with Native Pride Dancers, on the Santa Fe Plaza.     

In 1680 a Tewa leader, Po'pay led an attack against the colonial rulers in the region now known as Santa Fe, New Mexico.

After the attack hundreds of horses, possibly as many as 1,500, were left behind.  

                            This was the largest number of horses to pass into native hands at one time.    

The Pueblo people began trading horses to neighboring tribes and the horse population expanded rapidly across North America.  

Three hundred thirty three years later we gather on the Historic Santa Fe Plaza  and honor the descendants of those horses the Native way, with dignity and respect, through our stories, song and dance.                          





Larry Yazzie, a veteran of the inaugural Thundering Hooves event joins us this year as the MC.

 Larry, an International Champion  Mens Fancy Dancer has performed throughout the world including Japan, Australia, France, Ireland and Brazil. 

                                       Grand Celebration Powwow 2012Larry Yazzie - Fancy Dance 


From the Artist ~ 

Melody Perez & Karl Zimmer ~

Join....Artist, Singer, Songwriter 'Melody Perez' and Guitarist, Vocalist 'Karl Zimmer' for Original live music at this year's Thundering Hooves Event in the Plaza in Santa Fe, NM Oct 18th.  Melody shared stories from her range and road tours along with original music, and Fine Art throughout the day in the plaza. 

'From living among the Wild Mustangs in the rugged terrain of northern New Mexico for a year, to touring Wild Horse Public Land Management area's across the west, I have had the wonderful experience of learning the story of the wild mustang, up close and personal.  I have shared in their daily lives experiencing their incredible beauty, strength and will to survive.' ~ Melody Perez  

                                                                                                                                           Artist, Singer, Songwriter

Visit the 'Running Horses Studio' web site to view Melodys' full collection. 



Theresa Montano ~ 

As Thundering Hooves celebrations go there are always fun activities for children.  Along with the Thundering Hooves Childrens' Art Station, this year Theresa with Party Up Face Painting will join us on the Plaza painting faces and bringing smiles and laughter to the event.   


Sonja Meadows, President of Animals' Angels, was present offering a unique opportunity to learn of the important work Sonja and her group of investigators do for the animals. 

                                       Sonja Meadows ~    

"For the last 8 years, I have traveled all across the United States, Canada and Mexico to investigate the plight of horses being shipped to slaughter. I have seen almost all of the major kill buyer feedlots, export pens, slaughter plants and auctions. While there, thousands of horses have crossed my path. Horses, who are all dead now. I will not forget any of them: The friendly brown mare at the Presidio export pens, who came close when I was filming and rested her head on my shoulder. The beautiful and proud black gelding in Sugarcreek, Ohio. He stood there in the “kill pen”, very tall and very strong. Only his eyes showed that he knew what was coming. The grey mare dying at Southwest Livestock Auction, down, with bleeding hips, struggling to get up. They all deserved so much better.

Animals' Angels continues to conduct these investigations to tell these animals' story and to expose horse slaughter for what it is: A predatory, cruel industry that benefits only a few and causes so much suffering.  Our reports have led to convictions of animal abusers and thousands of dollars in fines.  Our international awareness campaign in Europe has caused grocery stores in several countries to pull all horse meat off their shelves.  However, our work is far from being done.  For more information about our work and what you can do to help. please visit - Sonja Meadows - President Animals' Angels Inc."



Representatives with The Horse Shelter, located in Cerrillos, NM, joined us again this year presenting the works they do for the rescued horses at the Horse Shelter.  The Horse Shelter Ranch Manager Michelle, brought several horses from the shelter offering a unique opportunity to witness the amazing work horse rescues do. 


Pam Spatz with Pueblo Animal Health Services joined us again this year presenting the important animal services her organization offers the Pueblos ~ free of charge!  



Listening Horse Therapeutic Riding Center is located in Santa Fe, New Mexico and serves northern and Central New Mexico.  President of Listening Horse, Gus, will be on hand to present information on the

invaluable work Listening does with horses for people.