The Journey ~

One event at at time, sharing the joy and beauty of the horse

Connecting all ages to the spirit of the horses

....for the Horses!  

 To hear a excerpt of his radio interview for the Thundering Hooves event click on Micki's photo ~










At the conclusion of the event Amber and Brandi announced Animals' Angels would be holding their annual "Light The Sky" event in Toyahvale.  

This amazingly inspirational event was held along the highway of their last ride.

Throughout the weekend memorials kept coming in through emails, text, phone calls, fb messages, and faxes.  

The memorials were placed on the Wall Of Hope to honor lost loved ones…there is even a memorial of a rooster who was dearly loved by his human family.

The weekend was filled with tears, hugs and quite moments. We were all touched by the out pouring of love through the Memorials  everyone was deeply moved.



After all the memorials were placed on the fence line I stood in silence. There are no words to define the feeling that came over me. I have no doubt our loved and cherished animal relations are always near us.  

When the memorials were tied to the Wall of Hope fence line we knew they would eventually become one with the winds blowing across the valley. 

For many months they held their grip, along the fence through wind, rain, sleet and snow, for all who passed along this long stretch of highway to see. 

Today the memorials have found their final resting place on the sacred grounds of the Good Medicine Ranch. 

Sometimes, when driving by, I look across the land and see the memorials glimmering among the tumbleweeds and mesquite…..what a great feeling knowing they know we care!   

Many of the Native Peoples Event joined us for the Light the Sky memorial ceremony.  

Micki Free performing a song he wrote for this event. 

This truly was a magical evening.....


Animals’ Angels, 2013 Light the Sky, memorial ceremony was held across the country.  In Toyahvale, Texas candles were lit along the roadway that thousands of equine a year are hauled to the slaughter export pens in Presidio. 

Spirit , the skull of a horse, found near those export pens where rejects are left to die, held a place of honor on this night in memory of her relations who paid the ultimate sacrifice for the price of greed. 



We do not know Spirits story but there in no doubt she suffered greatly and died a very sad soul. 

Spirit represents all that is wrong with what is happening to horses today.  She now travels with us to the the Thundering Hooves events as a reminder of why we continue to fight for the rights of those with no voice. 


As amazing as the “Light The Sky” event was, the spirit of the horse (who has led me on this journey from the beginning) was not through with me yet!  Most Monday mornings haulers pass through here with trailers full of slaughter bound horses en route to the slaughter export holding pens in Presidio.

Early one Monday morning, just weeks after Animals’ Angels Light The Sky event, I started to open my blinds and hesitated knowing full well chances were a hauler would soon pass by…I opened them anyway and could not believe what I saw! A young man on horseback, with two horses in tow, riding alongside Animals’ Angels memorial fence. Coincidence? I think not!

Turns out this young man is Filipe Masetti Leite, a modern day adventurer, traveling 10,000 miles on horseback from Canada to Brazil.  Filipe was so moved by Animals’ Angels “Wall Of Hope” along the fence line he spent time here learning the significance of the memorials. Filipe and his girlfriend Emma were shocked to learn the highway he was currently riding along was the same roadway thousands of equine travel to the slaughter export holding pens in Presidio.

                                                                                                                                                                   Trailer with "rejects" passes

Multi talented actor Gary Farmer (Pow Wow Highway) & Deborah Lamal drove 7 hours through ice and snow to join the ride in memory of the horses.

They stopped along the way to visit Animals' Angels

“Wall Of Hope”.


Karen and Olivia drove through one of the worse ice storms of the season all the way from Santa Fe, NM to Marfa to join Filipe and bring her horses for everyone to ride.  

Shortly after Karen and Olivia embarked on their historic "Journey Europe" ride to honor the horses. 



Margo, with Saddle Up Clothing, traveled through a ice storm all the way from Minnesota to join her friends for this historic ride. 


Riding those sixth miles along the highway of their last ride was a profound experience.  

The stillness in the air and silence that overcame each rider every time a a kill buyer hauler passed by was palatable. 

The 60  Miles To Mexico ride was an experience of a lifetime.  We met many amazing people who shared our love of the horses!  


Darrel and Gunny 

Looking back on all the Thundering Hooves events I’m in awe of the power of the spirit of the horse!

These events have proven how truly amazing these icons of the west are when given a  celebratory platform to present themselves.  



2013 Celebration of the Horse ride to the Historic Santa Fe Plaza