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Thundering Hooves Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization Incorporated in Texas.  

IN # 81-1124346

Thundering Hooves Mission ~ to bring awareness to the many hardships our beloved horses, wild and domestic,  face today and help bring about the change so despertly needed for these Majestic Creatures!




The Vision  ~  Your life can change in a split second!  That second in time was when I looked into the eyes of a beautiful horse as the trailer headed to the slaughter export holding pens she was in passed by as I stood next to the highway.

Memory of that  image still haunts me!  

I created a new image in my minds eye.  No longer were those horses headed to slaughter, they were running wild and free towards me, their hooves thundering on the ground beneath me ...this was my vision of thundering hooves!

Special thanks to Craiger Martin for bringing my vision of thundering hooves to life through his expressive art!  

Craigers rendition is as I envisioned ... horses running wild and free from slaughter!  


 My vision of thundering hooves drove me to take action in hopes of bringing about the change so despertly needed

...for the Horses!  Though I knew full well how diffcult this would be!  

  Stopping every truck hauling trailers full of slaughter bound horses is my desire, though  I am helpless to stop them! 

The law is on their side!  

Realizing there was no saving the horses once tagged for slaughter I decided to take action by doing what I could to creat awareness and connect people to the Spirit of the Horse ....thus the birth of Thundering Hooves.  

Today, as I stand next to the highway, trailers full of horses pass by .... on their last ride! 

   ....their nightmare continues, yet until horse slaughter ends

 I will continue to be a voice fighting for their right to be treated with dignity and respect ....not just as cents per pound!  



"Trail Of Tears" by Robert Lindneux

As depicted in Robert Lindneuxs’ painting of the “Trail Of Tears”, horses, mules and burros were the working animals.  If not for these loyal animals many more men, women and children would have died during this fateful journey. 

Being a direct descendant of the Trail Of Tears I feel that it is my responsibility to honor my heritage by setting an example of respecting, protecting and honoring all living beings. 

Today I am humbled by the growth and success of what began as my vision of Thundering Hooves.   

Thundering Hooves has proven to be successful in reaching new audiences and empowering them with the knowledge to help bring about the change the horses so desperately need.  The very existence of the Wild Horses is depending on us.

Thank you for visiting Thundering Hooves,  please check back often, you will not want to miss an opportunity to join us in celebrating the horses and lending your voice to this great and noble causee.

 It is my prayer that the Creator continues to grant me the strength to carry on in this journey to bring awareness to the plight of all horses, wild and domestic.

  Neta Rhyne, Enrolled Tribal Member of the Cherokee Nation ~ Direct Descendant of the "Trail Of Tears"

Founder of Thundering Hooves

Please go HERE to see the faces of slaughter ~ non-graphic!