The Vision  

 Your life can change in a split second!

 For me that second in time was when I looked into the eyes of a beautiful horse as she passed by in a trailer headed to the slaughter export holding pens. 

While standing there I envisioned the Horses in that trailer running wild and free, their hooves thundering across the land ....this was my vision of thundering hooves!

Memory of that  image still haunts me and is the driving force behind Thundering Hooves empowering me to take action  ...to be their Voice! 

Special Thanks to Craiger Martin for this image of

Horses running away from the slaughter export holding pens...

Wild and Free! 

   Go HERE for "Facts On Horse Slaughter"


   ....their last ride!

 We must remain vigilent in our fight to close our borders to Horse Slaughter!

Please go HERE to see the faces of slaughter ~ non-graphic!